Sports teams. Business teams. Sales teams. Your own family. Teams come in many different varieties, and all can benefit from consistent performance coaching.

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"Dr. Solovy worked with the boys in our 2009 class. We focused on final third work and understanding how to better apply their focus during a match. The end outcome was fantastic. We played three games in the lower-level tournament before working with Dr. Solovy and scored one goal while conceding seven. Following our three sessions, we competed in a higher-level event, scoring 25 goals and conceding one in three group games. We won the tournament, and it was clear that the mental preparation had a massive influence."

Radcliffe McDougald
Bellevue United Premiere Soccer Coach

Our process:

Thoughtful, yet tailored


First, we lay a foundation and establish consistency

Your coach will ask the team leaders important questions to learn more about how to best help your team achieve their goals. You will have scheduled consistent meetings (we recommend weekly) where your team will learn and apply techniques that your coach feels will elevate your team's performance the most.

Second, we set your team up for success through check ins and habit tracking

Your team will receive a membership to an app that allows the team members to track habits, practice and apply techniques learned during sessions. The team leader(s) will also communicate with your coach outside of the scheduled meetings in order to give your team the highest likelihood of success.

Third, we encourage coach collaboration

Your team will have the option of meeting with other coaches if your coach feels their specialties apply to your team's performance (ex: have a session with our mental imagery specialist to customize an imagery script and recording catered specifically for your team)

Fourth, we provide specialist opportunities

Your team will have the option of having a session with one of our specialists if your team leaders and/or coach feels their specialties apply to your team's performance (ex: meet with our dietitian if you feel your team could benefit from nutrition tips and education)

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