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"Dr. Wilson trained our staff and parents with practical advice for raising emotionally healthy children. She came with tips for communicating and connecting. Dr. Wilson mixed humor with sensible advice to help parents know best ways to meet the needs of their children. She has a strong belief in people and is an advocate for healthy emotional living. Dr. Wilson is inspiring and brings a message of hope and healing."
Lisa Hopp
"Dr. Solovy worked with our women's Under-13 squad on team development and communication. She quickly helped the team bond and improve in their communication, as the team was relatively new to each other at the time. The team's foundation of communication and trust allowed them to build, grow, and evolve together, resulting in one of the program's most successful age groups."
Radcliffe McDougald
Soccer Coach
Newport FC Select Soccer Club
"Dr. Solovy worked with the boys in our 2009 class. We focused on final third work and understanding how to better apply their focus during a match. The end outcome was fantastic. We played three games in the lower-level tournament before working with Dr. Solovy and scored one goal while conceding seven. Following our three sessions, we competed in a higher-level event, scoring 25 goals and conceding one in three group games. We won the tournament, and it was clear that the mental preparation had a massive influence."
Radcliffe McDougald
Soccer Coach
Bellevue United Premier Soccer Club
"I switched to using imagery and self-talk when I have to hype myself up or get out of a tough situation, telling myself I have done it before, and the imagery continues to work wonders for me."
U.S. Army Special Forces
"My trading is generating the best profits per unit of risk taken it ever has, and is doing so in a scope that was way outside my comfort zone or capability before I started working with Dr. Solovy."
Dominic Marrese
Financial Trader

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