Public Speaking

It's not uncommon for a team's motivatoin to dwindle, or for a group to struggle achieving a common goal. Contact us for a public speaking engagement and we will plan a one time session to educate and teach your group about different ways they can elevate their performance.

Learn stuff

First, we setup a complimentary consultation with your team leaders to find out areas your team is currently excelling in, as well as some areas that need improvement. We then design a customized session in order to elevate the areas of improvement.

Do stuff

The public speaking session is a combination of educational material and audience engagement through the use of interactive worksheets and materials. The sessions can be as short or as long as you want.

Achieve stuff

Our elite performance coaches help facilitate thoughtful discussion in order to challenge your team to think about how they can best apply the material to their everyday routines and living. The team will receive materials to continue future growth and application.

"Dr. Wilson trained our staff and parents with practical advice for raising emotionally healthy children. She came with tips for communicating and connecting. Dr. Wilson mixed humor with sensible advice to help parents know best ways to meet the needs of their children. She has a strong belief in people and is an advocate for healthy emotional living. Dr. Wilson is inspiring and brings a message of hope and healing."

Lisa Hopp
Principal at RCS

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