Heather grew up in Happy Valley, California, which is very appropriate, considering the positive outlook and brightness she brings to her life and those around her.

What led to performance coaching?

The three words that best describe Heather would be: dedicated, balance, and empathetic

From a young age, Heather knew she wanted to work in a field of helping others. She was always fascinated by the inner workings of the brain and how mental aspects impact performance and wellbeing. Growing up as a competitive athlete, she sometimes experienced mental hurdles affecting her performance, and found she was able to drastically change her progress in gymnastics after learning the sport psychology skill of mental imagery.

Previous experience in performance coaching?

This was a breakthrough for Heather’s mental threshold and conquering her fears, and inspired her to help others achieve these game changing breakthroughs. Since then, Heather has received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Exercise Biology, and a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology. She has spent eight years working with U.S. Army Soldiers, helping them perform their best and remain resilient in high pressure situations, and she has ample experience in performance coaching with high school and collegiate cheerleading, track and field, volleyball, gymnastics, adaptive sports, and CrossFit athletes.

Philosophy on success?

Heather sees success as the combination of aim and intention; knowing the end goal and having a plan in place to get there. She feels one of the biggest contributors to success is perseverance through challenges and Heather has thrived in helping others achieve this by her ability to enjoy and lean into hard conversations with clients. While these conversations can be uncomfortable, they are essential in maintaining and developing strong connection and trust in the coach and client relationship. Heather approaches elite performance coaching with a very balanced mindset, working hard to be both action-focused and understanding with her clients.

Heather stays motivated by always trying to be the best version of herself and helping others do the same. For her, it's one type of accomplishment to positively impact someone's athletic ability, but when she can also positively impact their life as a whole, that's when she truly remembers why she loves coaching.

Favorite Quote:

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

-George Addair

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