Team Building

Sometimes, all you need to get your team to success is some elevated team cohesion! We will work with your team to design a custom training to increase important team qualities such as communication, trust, and leadership.

Learn stuff

First, we set up a complimentary consultation with your team leaders to find out areas your team is currently excelling in, as well as some areas that need improvement. We then design a customized session in order to elevate the areas of improvement, using a combination of education, team activities or competitions, and future practice or challenges for the team.

Do stuff

The team building sessions are very activity based, so you can learn about ways to improve things like communication, trust, problem solving skills, etc... then immediately put this information to use through fun, competitive, and engaging activities. The sessions can be as short or as long as you want.

Achieve stuff

Our elite performance coaches help facilitate thoughtful discussion surrounding the challenges and activities in which the team participated, in order to encourage growth and lasting change in the team. We then give your team additional techniques, challenges, and resources to help your team continue to see improvement even after our session has ended.

"Dr. Solovy worked with our women's Under-13 squad on team development and communication. She quickly helped the team bond and improve in their communication, as the team was relatively new to each other at the time. The team's foundation of communication and trust allowed them to build, grow, and evolve together, resulting in one of the program's most successful age groups."

Radcliffe McDougald
Newport FC Select Soccer Coach

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