Elite Performance Coaching

We are a group of focused professionals with a keen interest in guiding our generation of highly motivated achievers.

Elevate only employs stand-out performance coaches in the field.
By being so selective with our coaches, we offer the highest quality of service.

Whether it is through personal experience, education, or career experience, these coaches are elite in their ability to coach others to success. Elevate offers high level packages including but not limited to one-on-one coaching, mentorship, social media experts, customized success mental imagery recordings, and the unique opportunity to work with multiple elite coaches at once in order to help clients find their ideal road to optimum achievement.

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"My trading is generating the best profits per unit of risk taken it ever has, and is doing so in a scope that was way outside of my comfort zone or capability before I started working with Dr. Solovy."

Dominic Marrese

Meet our coaches.

Fully dedicated to helping you perform your best.

More Services & Resources

Public Speaking

Whether you want someone to deliver motivational speaking, or you want us to create a customized session on how to increase performance, we can provide an elite coach to come speak with you and your group/team.

Team Building

We will work with your team (ex: corporate, sports, employees, family) and design a session to elevate performance in areas of your choosing. Common areas: unity, confidence, communication, or an actual performance (sales/profit).

Podcast (Coming Soon)

Check out our podcast for weekly tips, advice, and stories on how to elevate your performance. We share knowledge and research in the field, as well as interviews with top performers in their area of expertise.