Ronny grew up in the Pacific Northwest and continues to live here with his wife, four children, and dog, Alan.

What led you to performance coaching?

Ronny has always been naturally drawn to coaching in both life and his business. He loves to pass on both the lessons he has derived from successes, as well as the lessons he has learned from failures. He values his family above all else, and prides himself on being intentional about incorporating his family into coaching and goal setting.
Ronny sets goals with his family and makes it a priority to create traditions that his kids will remember like camping, hiking, boating, traveling, and participating in charity work around the globe.

Philosophy on success?

Ronny believes the biggest contributors to success are a positive attitude, self-discipline, and grit. A positive attitude is incredibly contagious and can inspire a mindset of looking for possibilities in challenges rather than only seeing the limitations. With the right attitude, people can get the outcome they want or the lesson they need. Self-discipline is the hardest part of success. Self-discipline can be summarized well with the quote,

“Discipline is deciding between what you want right now, and what you want most.”

Ronny sees grit as the ability to remain in a very uncomfortable place, even if every part of you wants to quit, because you know that is exactly where you need to be. So many people quit their dreams because the successes didn’t manifest quickly enough. However, if you’re able to push past the discomfort, this is how success is eventually found.

Personal experience in coaching?

Ronny is very familiar with what it takes to build a successful business, as he has built his real estate company, Icon Real Estate Group, from the ground up and is now one of the top 10 real estate companies in the state.

One of his proudest moments was in 2022, when he was able to take the top sellers in his company to Hawaii. It was a dream to be able to show his appreciation to his employees and their spouses for all of their hard work and dedication.

Personal coaching style?

Ronny describes his coaching style as very “relational and real.” When he commits to a coaching relationship, he works hard to build a close relationship with that person, becoming fully invested in seeing them grow and succeed. He loves seeing people push themselves just past the threshold of discomfort that has previously held them back, only to discover they are much stronger than they originally thought. Ronny lives to see people grow personally, and he believes one’s business grows as they do.

Favorite Quote:

“Don’t wish things were easier… wish you were better.” 

-Jim Rohn

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