Matt McKinley

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What led to fitness training?

Matt was born in California but grew up in Washington State, where he lived for almost 30 years. He attended college here and graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology.

Previous experience?

Matt brings 10 years of training experience to the table and was a trainer and coach at Decater Performance and Fitness in Washington State for 9 years, where he led consistent group sessions, and also worked with individual clients ranging in all ages to help them achieve their fitness goals. He moved to Nashville in February 2022 and is now training with Integra Fitness.

Matt enjoys keeping up on the latest research in the field and is constantly expanding his knowledge through classes and literature. In 2021 alone, he read 40 books.


Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, 10+ years training experience, Pain Free Performance Specialist (PPSC), Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCMS), RTS Complete Coach Certification, GGS Certified Pre and Post Natal Coach (CPPC)

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